I have been attending the Hebden Bridge Acupuncture Centre for monthly sessions for over 5 years now and would recommend it to anyone. I had been suffering from really bad sinus problems since 2002, following a cold. I had tried the standard nasal spays, antibiotics and other medications to alleviate the problem but nothing seemed to be working. During a career break in 2007 I decided to try acupuncture and thought, “nothing else has worked so why not give it a go.” I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical, but am open minded and wanted to see what it was like.

During my initial consultation with Marcus, I was told that acupuncture treats the whole body and its well-being, and that in order to maximize effectiveness I needed to work in partnership with him. I just thought acupuncture was about a few needles being put in the right places but it is so much more than that. After a few sessions, and changing my diet through advice from Marcus on what may/may not affect my sinus’s, I was feeling more energised and my sinus problems had reduced dramatically. I continue to attend acupuncture as it helps with my general health and well being. It is the best kind of treatment I have ever had and wish I had sought out the centre sooner.


I would strongly recommend the Hebden Bridge Acupuncture Centre. I have used their services over the last few years to help with my pregnancy and more recently to support my chemotherapy treatment and cancer related surgery.


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