I have been attending the Hebden Bridge Acupuncture Centre for monthly sessions for over 5 years now and would recommend it to anyone. I had been suffering from really bad sinus problems since 2002, following a cold. I had tried the standard nasal spays, antibiotics and other medications to alleviate the problem but nothing seemed to be working. During a career break in 2007 I decided to try acupuncture and thought, “nothing else has worked so why not give it it a go.” I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, but am open minded and wanted to see what it was like. During my initial consultation with Marcus, I was told that acupuncture treats the whole body and its well-being, and that in order to maximize effectiveness I needed to work in partnership with him. I just thought acupuncture was about a few needles being put in the right places but it is so much more than that. After a few sessions, and changing my diet through advice from Marcus on what may/may not affect my sinus’s, I was feeling more energised and my sinus problems had reduced dramatically. I continue to attend acupuncture as it helps with my general health and well being. It is the best kind of treatment I have ever had and wish I had sought out the centre sooner.


I’ve been seeing Jo at Hebden Bridge Acupuncture Centre for over five years now. Quite simply, the treatment has become the mainstay of my health. I’ve had asthma all my life. Acupuncture keeps it in check. But for me, the most useful thi ng is that acupuncture treats at the level of the emotional/spiritual too. I always feel like I’ve been brought back in balance. After an acute illness this year, I know that the treatment helped me recover more quickly than I might otherwise have done. Jo’s listening skills are superb, her professionalism is totally reassuring and her compassion is a gift. I’d never go to anyone else!


I would strongly recommend the Hebden Bridge Acupuncture Centre. I have used their services over the last few years to help with my pregnancy and more recently to support my chemotherapy treatment and cancer related surgery.


Shortly after my dad died, I suffered from debilitating migraine attacks. After a few sessions of acupuncture my migraines ceased entirely. Having suffered from migraines on and off for almost 30 years, I have tried many different medications/treatments but acupuncture was the only treatment that helped. And what’s more, the treatment helped me on an emotional, not just physical level. It helped me cope with the loss of my dad and I began to feel positive about the future again. When I felt stressed and my energy was scattered, acupuncture grounded me and left me feeling deliciously blissed out! I cannot recommend Jo enough. She really knows her stuff, and answers any questions you have. Her dry sense of humour instantly puts you at ease. She is thoroughly professional and dedicated to her clients as well as friendly, warm and kind. Thank you Jo!.


I have been having acupuncture sessions with Jo for about 6 years now. During that time the treatments have helped to regulate my periods, de-stress me and, following recent bereavements, have helped me to feel a little less sad. Acupuncture has calmed my emotions and helped me to get my spark for life back. I like that it is a holistic treatment and I know that Jo considers what is going on in my whole body and in my environment too. I’m reassured when she says that the pain in my knees is symptomatic of something else. Traditional medicine would just involve a prescription for tablets to cure the pain in my knee without taking into account any of the other aches and pains I might have! I would recommend anyone to go and see Jo. She is a complete professional who offers words of wisdom and makes you smile.


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