About Us

Joanna Hall BSc (Hons) MA BA

I came to study acupuncture after having acupuncture treatment myself. I was, and continue to be inspired by Chinese Medicine’s unique understanding of the connections between body, mind and spirit and the fundamental energetic processes that govern the natural cycles of all life.


I originally trained In Traditional Chinese Medicine and was awarded a first class BSc (Hons) in TCM (Acupuncture) from the University of Salford. I went on to develop a deep respect for and connection with the Five Element tradition of Acupuncture and undertook further professional training at the School Of Five Element Acupuncture and the College of Traditional Acupuncture. My practice now integrates both styles of acupuncture in order to best meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of individual clients and contemporary life. I have also undertaken training in Pediatric Acupuncture in order to offer children and adolescents the benefits of a gentle and strengthening medicine to help in a wide range of conditions and illnesses. My professional development continues in order to offer the best of traditional practice with modern developments and I am currently learning tai chi.

I advocate a healthy work-life balance for myself and my clients. I am a mom of two and enjoy the playfulness and sense of adventure that my young children reconnect me to. My background is in the visual arts and I continue to strive to be creative, most recently making contemporary jewellery. I am an urban girl at heart who thrives living on top of a wind-swept hill.

Marcus Watts MBAcC (Member of the British Acupuncture Council) BSc (Hons)

I was first introduced to acupuncture by my Kung Fu teacher, Master Billy Davidson. Early on in my martial arts training he showed me how the application of Chinese Medicine could speed the recovery of acute and chronic injuries commonly seen in sports and everyday life. This small insight into an alternative and way of thinking about health and the world around us inspired me to further my studies in the subject.


In 2006 I graduated from Salford University with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (Acupuncture) and became a member of the British Acupuncture Council. Since then I have continued to pursue my passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts and Qigong Health Breathing Exercises. I believe that Acupuncture and Qigong can play a key role in treating a range of conditions, forming part of a holistic approach to range of modern medical conditions. I am also qualified as a Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor for the Ching Mo Kung Fu Association and have trained with a variety of Qigong instructors including the British Health Qigong Association (Ba Duan Jin Instructor level), and in Hong Kong with Qigong, Wushu master and co-founder of the Nature Health Qigong Assocation, Dr Luk Wai Sum. I am currently training in Daoist Nei Gong with the Lotus Nei Gong school.

As a Member of the British Acupuncture Council I work in accordance with the Council’s codes of training, safe practice and professional conduct.

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